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Monday, September 11, 2006

Rain ruins my weekend

I miss having a car. It's been raining a lot for a few days here. Starting to get on my nerves . . . is there such thing as a "dry dance" I could do? Anyways, my main mode of transportation here is riding a scooter. If you look at the sketch I drew, you might think that your feet is relatively safe from the rain.

I wore sneakers. It was the wrong choice, even going barefoot would've been a better choice. I didn't account for cars + puddles = BIG SPLASH, it doesn't matter that my front of my legs were covered since the splashes came from the sides. As i was cursing at myself and thinking how much fun two hours of walking around going *squish* *squish* *squish* was going to be, I wondered to myself how the heck do other people keep their feet dry. Then I noticed everyone else riding their scooters wore sandals or flip flops. Oh. . . I felt a tiny bit stupid. When I finally reached my destination, soaking wet. I reach for my cell phone to find out where my friends are. . . phone not there. I forgot it at home. I feel extra stupid now. Too many possible locations, i'm not going to search every spot in this downpour and in soaking wet clothes. Game over. An excellent way of wasting 30 minutes and getting soaked for no reason.

While riding back I realized something interesting. At 50+ mph raindrops actually hurt a little. Not painful enough for me to slow down but painful enough to make me go "Hmm. . . i gonna post this on my blog".

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