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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Holy crap! I started a blog.

I guess I'm a bit late to this bloggin' thing everyone's been doin'. Whatever, i'm slow. . . deal with it.

school just started.
I think I'm retarded.
They put me in the remedial class
cuz I farted. . .

Seriously though, I'm retarded and i'm in the remedial class. This will be my third attempt at learning Chinese. First time was when i was in elementary school (failed/dropped out), second time was during college (passed but i remember nothing). This time I'm serious! No joke. . . yesterday I studied so hard a pocket protector spontaneously popped out from the front of my shirt.

Highlight of my first week of class: The teacher asked everyone in the class (all 6 of us) to draw a cat. Then she asked "Shei de mao shi zhui hao kan de?" (Who's cat looks the best). Everyone pointed at mine. Even some random kid out in the hallway came in and pointed at mine. I thought to myself. . . all those games of cranium finally paid off! Here's my rendition of it done in MS Paint.

I thought the Japanese kid in my class would easily win this competition but surprisingly his drawing was. . . what's that word . . . oh yeah. GARBAGE. He ended up dropping out of the class a few days later. Hmmm. . . I wonder if this had anything to do with that. We may never know.

We may never know.

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