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Monday, September 18, 2006

What's that smell?

Awhile ago I got my shoes completely soaked riding my scooter in a torrential downpour. Yeah, i know I'm a genius. It takes an long-ass time to for things to dry here. . . took like 5 days for my sneakers to air dry. No biggie since I'm a patient guy. I only started wearing them today. I really should've examined them before I did this.

The reason why? While in the middle of explaining to us the historical background of why noon is referred to as "zhong wu", the teacher stops and says "Does anyone smell something?" I think nothing of it, I honestly didn't smell anything. Then she briefly walks around the room and looks underneath the Korean girl's chair for some reason. Finding nothing, she continues her explanation of "zhong wu". Then she pauses again and asks us if we smell something a bit sour. . . no response from us. This part is kinda funny, she asks the two Korean students if they brought kimchee to class. We all laugh. . . stereotyping people is funny!

For some reason this is when I started to link previously soaked shoes with sour stink. I crossed my legs so my feet are as close as possible to my nose and . . .


My feet stink. So embarrassing. :( The stupid part is that now I'm aware of this, i can't help but notice my feet getting sweatier. I never have a problem with this normally but now that I'm so concious of my stinky feet, it's somehow making my feet sweaty. Which makes me feel like the odor is getting stronger which makes my feet feel like it's getting even sweatier. I've become my own biosphere of stinkyness. Somehow I make it through the last hour of class and I'm first out the door. Not one of my best days. . . nope definitely not. :(

On side note: I got 100% on my last exam. EXCEPT I actually wrote my name wrong in chinese. The teacher announced that to the whole class while passing out the graded exams. Hahahahahaha funny. C'mon. . . i was in a hurry. I'm not that stupid. . . reallly!

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