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Friday, January 4, 2008


I started using a new instant messenger program recently that combines all the different networks (AIM, MSN, Y!, gTalk, etc) into one. It's called Pidgin, it works pretty well. I recommend it.

Having all your friends under one program is nice but it creates a huge list that's quite cumbersome. So, I decided to do a little housecleaning. Deleting all the people i didn't recognize and that haven't gone online in a really long time. . . until I came up to a "slw11648." It sounded so familiar, yet i couldn't remember. i kept on thinking for awhile. Who is this slw11648?!?!

Then I thought, maybe it's my boss from almost 10 years ago, back when i was working part time as a web designer. His first name starts with an 's' and his last name starts with a 'w', maybe the 'l' in "slw" is his middle name and the 11648 is birthdate.

I googled his name and first thing that came up was a short article that said SW had passed away less than a month ago (Dec-07) due to complications from leukemia. It also talked about the small company he founded and some it's products that i had a small part in building.

He was a good boss, funny guy, he helped me get my first real job out of college when i used him as a reference. I have some great memories from working with him.


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