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Thursday, October 5, 2006

I don't like this. . . i'm old.

I just got an invite for my high school's 10 year reunion. I wasn't really ready for it. . . kinda snuck up on me. I remember briefly talking about this with one of my friends last year but it's been completely off my radar until now.

I wonder how all my classmates are. I wonder what they'll look like. I wonder who got married, if anyone has children yet. I wonder how successful they are. The more cynical side of me wonders who got fat, who's losing their hair, who aged so much you need to look twice to recognize him/her and. . . if anyone died yet (i guess that would be my morbid side).

Unfortunately, I won't be able to find out any of the above. . . atleast not with my own eyes as I won't be able to attend. Not worth the time/money to fly back to US. Oh well, i'll just have to wait for the pictures from the classmates that i still keep in contact with.

I feel old though. I wonder what 18 year old me in 1996 would think of me now in the present 2006. I think 1996 me would be disappointed. :( Now I feel old and depressed. This blogging thing is great!

A bit random but here's a picture I drew last month with my 3 year old niece. It's kinda funny if you're familiar with the characters of Dora the Explorer. Atleast my niece thought it was funny. She chose the colors of the rainbow, that's why it looks a bit "unconventional"

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