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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Posessed Phones

Yesterday, 7:30 AM in the morning, cell phone rings. I'm still sleeping (no class today), i'm thinking who could be calling this damn early. Caller ID says it's the home landline phone.

Weird. . .

Maybe my mom just wants to make sure i wake up in time for class. I go back to sleep.

Later that day, about dinner time, the home phone rings. My mom picks it up, she says "hello", person on other side hangs up. . . mom gets annoyed and says something like "stupid people, wasting my time" and then she looks at the Caller ID and it's displaying her own cell phone number (!?!?).

Her cell phone is on the kitchen table.

So then i ask my mom, did she call in the morning? She said no, why would she call when she could just walk two seconds and knock on my door?

*cue music from the shower scene in Psycho*

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