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Monday, February 19, 2007

Xing Nian Kuai Le

It's Chinese New Years, i'm off for a whole week! Feels so nice. Most of the family together, lots of great food.

I spent Saturday morning at my family's ancestral home in the countryside. I think that's what you call it. It's kinda like a little private temple for my family's ancestors. I think most(?) of the family gathers there and brings some food as offerings, light some incense and bow a few times, light some firecrackers, and burn a bunch of fake money.

The point of burning the fake money is that it will go to the heavens and our ancestors will be able to use it. But I always think to myself, what if it's causing massive inflation. . . because everyone burns stacks and stacks of fake money. I imagine one of my ancestors in some old style chinese clothing going "When will they STOP with the money already!?! A freakin' taco costs like 20,000 fake pieces of money now!"

Those things on the right are where we burn the money. Most of my relatives have left by this time.

This is the original house, which is right next door. My ancestors actually lived there a long time ago. Amazingly an old man still lives there, the taxi you see in front is owned by him. A few of my relatives and I were watching him having a heated argument, lots and lots of hand gestures, except we knew nobody else was in that house with him. Yeah, i forgot to mention, he's certifiably crazy.

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